Story ZTTosha 032015

Oh, I have not reported this, something strange. One month ago I started to wear those + 1 reading glasses and right now I do not see anything without them. It’s good if you can’t see some things it’s OK but if you can’t see letters, hm, no good I’ll tell you. I like to read. Well, I think this is one difficult and dangerous middle age crisis. I really do not know what to do!!! The two people in the picture are 2x I. This one the left it’s me before doctor visit without glasses and without a hat. And this other person on the right it’s me again but after doctor visit. Now I’m wearing my glasses and the hat ! It lasted until Zain says: ” Hey Dad what I doing with Johnny Depp on the same photo. Did you photoshopped it again. My dangerous middle age crisis, let me tell you :”God bless her, no one would believe me, Johnny and me together.” zttosha’15 ZTTosha China