The real winners of the 2019 Grammys were all the Will Smith Genie memes from the new Aladdin

Well, Disney finally let the Genie outta the bottle with the first trailer for its forthcoming live-action remake of Aladdin. While most were at least a little hesitant on whether Will Smith could pull off the feat, nobody could have expected him to look so goddamn terrifying.

Needless to say, the Genie became a meme upon arrival, swarming the Internet like the sizzling magma within the Cave of Wonders. Granted, that probably wasn’t one of Disney’s three wishes with their potential blockbuster, but it’s certainly one of ours.

Enjoy some of our favorites below and catch Aladdin on May 24th.

— Bloody Disgusting (@BDisgusting) February 11, 2019

— Chris Evangelista (@cevangelista413) February 11, 2019

— Matt Patches (@misterpatches) February 11, 2019

“Yes, there are some real weirdos in the Avatar fandom. But actually, there are a lot of spiritual aspects to the Na’vi culture that I find intriguing. It’s not just a fetish thing”

— Sean O’Neal (@seanoneal) February 11, 2019

genie from aladdin

— b (@distancetimings) February 11, 2019

— Jonah Ray Rodrigues (@jonahray) February 11, 2019

wow the new avatar trailer sure looks great#Aladdin

— lui (@walruslui1) February 11, 2019

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