There comes a time when a change is in need. Amongst a persistently stale Hip Hop scene lies artists that want to “change the game” but aren’t embodying what it takes to be the change. MT has signed with Pencilbrain Records and for the time in his career combining his native Turkish language with English. MT’s album “Paradise of Lost Birds” crosses styles, cultures and language in such easy way that it seems like its always been around, maybe it has. “I find his music very inviting. I actual did not realize that I was singing, or trying to anyway, the Turkish parts as well as the English. Now I just need to know what it means.MT has the dual ability to bring original composition as well as sample using alternating methods.” C.Syrgianni co-founder PBRecords. This is the best album I’ve ever seen. It sounds so good and makes me feel high. The turkish-english duets are so cool and I like the way