Vicky Lovecat are an Amsterdam based alternative rock band and their debut album No Praise No Blame (Selected Confessions and Status Updates) is out now. On this album, Vicky Lovecat and ZTT (producer) wanted to get down to the dirtier stuff,typical to old school recordings,using ambient microphones,room sounds, no cuts and layers. When you listen to the No Praise No Blame (Selected Confessions and Status Updates),it feels very live, natural mix of the power-chord energy of hard rock:01.Dead by love, 02.Trudyanne,03.Pimp and ballads: 04.Song to Ville Valo, 05.Postman, 13.A Perfect Insult, loaded with full melodies,crispy sounding. The disc contains 13 songs that refines the definition of post-grunge genre.