Pencilbrain have a unique genius of cerebral & artful technology that meets craft “What Would It Be Like” has a robotized vibe stream of dada lyric stance.Whereas “I Want To Believe” is something that we should all embrace with faith. Bring in the trombones “Snake” charms & melts the pants off of us.This Vox & chromatic interplay reminds us of Berlin at their best “Far From That” is a sleekly stealth reverb blues soaked cut.We tend to favor the chanteuse over the machine , but it’s just a subjective opinion. Kind of like yin & yang. Atonal & detached , versus sultry, alluring , beguiling.Both brain numbing Central Line South” melds the machinations of post industrial word play meets trip hop.The existential stark response filters conciseness through the alert mind observation “Follow Me” has a post modern retro hip dip.The inventive willingness to break though old doors & reach a new zenith is exhibited in this cut. It’s smooth & hypnotic sleekness , right down to the brass bleeps is sublime & highly chic recommended. An excellent cut. Inspired arrangement nuance bekons Icelandic Bjork references.We give this one our “B” word. Brilliant Pencilbrain leads in essence. Others follow. Pencilbrain ruminates, where others watch as observers. Pencilbrain ponders, while others have no clue. Pencilbrian watches the vehicles in the sky like jets. Others keep walking aimlessly. Pencilbrain mesmerizes.