For the first album “Diverted Witness”, beside numerous other artists, ZT Tosha got Massive Attacks vocalist Sara Jay on board.The music reminded one of an attractive mixture of rock and lounge, alternative and Electro, Hip-Hop and Acid jazz. Pencilbrain went through more than one deciding process to another, a musical course: From Sara Jay becoming that great, to the American Singer-Songwriter Amani Malaika and the Austrian Santana, Clemens Wabra joining in. The result of this is a newly created trio. Pencilbrain recreated itself again.Now quieter lounge sounds, Nu jazz, soul count. and pop jazzed up by live instruments and samples of theirs own music. Especially fantastic: the chilling title track “Come For Me” and guitar heavy “Pluto Over L.A. “It was and has always been important to ZT Tosha to not sit in the mainstream, but like a fish (see cover!) to glide through the most different style bodies of water.He always wanted to be hard to arranged by genres. He always takes a different turn, tries out the unusual; he captivates his own thing, doesn’t he?
“Our music has no particle genre or style. It is simply our music, and reflects whatever we are into at the time we make it.”ZT Tosha. Real thing, own thing. Author: Julia Schöppner /Translated from German