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Pusha-T: “The Story of Adidon”

If Drake’s diss track tactic was merely comparing résumés, then Pusha’s is character assassination

Pusha-T: “If You Know You Know”

Since his days in Clipse, Pusha-T has been mastering the punchy album opener

A$AP Rocky: “Purity” [ft. Frank Ocean]

A highlight from Rocky’s new album, Testing

Pusha-T: “Infrared”

Pusha has words for a lot of his peers on “Infrared,” both kind and barbed

A$AP Rocky: “Hun43rd”

Rocky and Hynes pull off a feat of music daredevilry on “Hun43rd”

I’m singer/songwriter Harry Hudson and I wear a red hat. AMA!

Yo my name is Harry Hudson. I just dropped my first album, and I made a short film that’s on the internet somewhere. People say that I look like Woody from Toy Story. I like bubble baths and Johnny Cash. This is the best and worst time of my life. Let’s talk about it. Listen…
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We’re Welshly Arms, an alternative band from Cleveland, OH. AMA.

Hey Reddit, we’re Welshly Arms. Excited to answer your questions here at 5pm ET. We’re currently beginning a whirlwind run of US festivals, European festivals and headline tours kicking it all off by releasing our debut major-label album tomorrow. Wow! Happy to answer any questions you may have about music, life on the road and…
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The Cure – Pictures of You [goth rock]

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Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun [Alt Rock]

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Bell Biv Devoe – Poison [90’s New Jack Swing]

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