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Jenny Hval: “Ashes to Ashes”

It’s the first single from her forthcoming album The Practice of Love.

I’m Rick Astley, and you can ask me anything, again!

[edit 1.12pm ET: Thanks for tuning in, I’ve got to go, my band are destroying my studio right now & I need to buy them a beer. Take care and lots of love – Rick x] Hey Reddit, Since my last AMA I’ve had a burning hole in my soul that only you can fill,…
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We’re the metal band BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, Ask us ANYTHING ⬇️

We’re Betraying the Martyrs, a French/English metal band based in Paris France. We’re currently signed with Sumerian Records (USA) We’re currently on the road in the North America for a month, playing our first ever headline tour on this continent. Feel free to ask us ANYTHING and we’ll do our very best to answer as…
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Leonard Cohen – Suzanne [folk]

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Rosalía: “Fucking Money Man”

There are two sides to “Milionària” and “Dio$ No$ Libre del Dinero.”

Mark Ronson: “True Blue” [ft. Angel Olsen]

This is a Late Night Feelings cut for the wee hours

[AMA] We are the LowDown Brass Band from Chicago. Eight egos in one van. Ask us how?

Hi, we are the LowDown Brass Band from Chicago. AKA the LDB. seeks to proactively stimulate primordial emotions incumbent of human nature, for the purpose of exercising the ability to rejoice in concert with others ready for liberation. Insinuating, we are instinctually seeking the intoxicating effects of euphoria. Devoid of negativity and disparaging remarks. So…
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I’m Kevn Kinney from Drivin N Cryin… Ask me anything!

Hi Reddit! This is Kevn Kinney from Drivin N Cryin. Our new Aaron Lee Tasjan-produced album Live the Love Beautiful is out tomorrow, June 21 and we’re excited to share it. You can check out our tour dates here and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s answer some questions! Proof: submitted by /u/DrivinNCryinOfficial…
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