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I’m Alexander DeLeon, singer and songwriter of Bohnes and The Cab. I’ve spent the past few years traveling to all seven continents filming a music video and trying to figure my shit out. AMA!

I am a singer, songwriter, and creative director. I signed my first record deal at 17 years old with Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic by Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. A few years back I had a severe injury to my vocal cords at 24 years old and was told I…
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Bohnes – So Pissed [Pop Rock]

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Rise Against – Prayer of the Refugee [Punk Rock]

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The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love [Rock]

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Blood Incantation: “Inner Paths (to Outer Space)”

A stellar track from the Colorado quartet’s long-awaited second album, Hidden History of the Human Race.

A R I Z O N A – the band not the state. New album Asylum out now! Ask Us Anything!

We’re A R I Z O N A – the band not the state. Our new album Asylum just came out today! Ask us anything! Listen to Asylum here – Proof: submitted by /u/A_R_I_Z_O_N_A [link] [comments]

Queen force Donald Trump to remove campaign video featuring ‘We Will Rock You’

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Hex Girls – Put a Spell On You [Rock]

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Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized [Crossover Thrash]

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