Z.T.Tosha the man behind Dutch/USA/Austrian outfit Pencilbrain, founded the collective of international artists and musicians in 1999. This was also the year Pencilbrain released their first singles Follow me with Massive Attack’s singer Sara Jay and “Central Line South” reviewed as “the sound of urban life”. The subsequent success that followed these first singles, led to the release of their debut album “Diverted Witness” in 2002. Diverted Witness, like Pencilbrain itself defied the rules of categorizing and simultaneously appeared on charts as diverse as rock and lounge, alternative and jazz. ?The music reminds one of an attractive mixture of rock and lounge, alternative and Electro, Hip-Hop and Acid jazz? wrote Julia Schöppner (Translated from the German review), “Our music has no particle genre or style, It is simply our music, and reflects whatever we are into at the time we make it.? Z.T.Tosha. on the subject of Pencilbrain’s genre. The present make up of Pencilbrain came together after American singer-songwriter Amani Malaika and the Austrian Santana, as Clemens Wabra is now being referred to, joined the collective. Pencilbrain recreated itself into a trio. The outcome of this streamlined version of Pencilbrain is their latest release, “Come for me” released in September 2006. This release also features other collective members such as percussionist Oha Maslo, bassist Rene Dissel, MichIel van Zundert on live drums, Shez Sheridan on vintage Hawaiian guitar, and Marc van Veldhoven on audio negatives.

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