MT was born in 1980 in Trabzon, Turkey. After finishing high school in 1999, he left to Holland in order to continue his education. Meeting several talented musicians inspired him to do his own music. His hobby soon became his passion, and he decided studying sound engineering. Soon after graduating, he founded Mt Recordz, the first Turkish Music Company in Holland. In February 2004, he released his first solo album, Yeralti Kaniyor. Due to the varying music styles of the members of the company, the name was changed to Mt Recordings. In May 2004, he started working on the albums of Tolga Tuncer and Arka Sokak, which were released in September 2004. In total, Mt Recordings has accomplished 3 albums in 2004. In 2005, the company mainly concentrated on internet commercials. Besides, the following albums were released respectively: Calinti Beatler Kotu Mixler ve Teyyip(10 songs/ August 19), Rap Gokten Ineklere Zembille Inerse(12 songs/ September 14), Aglayan Bir Paylaco(8 songs/ Oktober 10), Fin( 8 songs/ December 20).
Presently, working on the albums of R-verb and Arka Sokak, Mt is also busy with his dealings for his album with Turkey.

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