Both born in the Netherlands and from different origins Young Wyatt (Atlanta, USA), Flyways (Ghana), they’ve got different ideas about hip-hop music. So in 2006, Revare Wyatt and Menka Worea a.k.a Young Wyatt and Flyways have formed the hip-hop/rap group Big Boy Status. In August 2007, Young Wyatt and Flyways met deejay/ producer R.O.U.D.O.S signed on Pencilbrain Records. “We at Pencilbrain Records took our a chances and let them open a label event in one of the most prestige’s clubs in Europe: “Paradiso”, Amsterdam (Holland). They brought the house down; showing what hip hop music was all about before corporate influences.” ZT Tosha . Distancing themselves from today’s style Big Boy Status has brought to us album with fresh, alternative approaches to hip hop music.

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