Aidos the polyester beat box samourai , take off such as the dissident and creative bee, such as the huge, wild and sexy panda rising in the air in an explosion of thousands of meteorites. Explorer of digitals atmospheres, sharps basses and erratic samples, he elaborates since 3 years a delightful mix of delicate abstract hip-hop, heavy electronic and uneasy danceflore.
The Aidos Project is the work of Raoul Canivet, a young French artist who plays computer-generated, abstract hip-hop. Raoul started out in the late 90’s playing bass guitar in the punk and noise music scene. After playing in and with diverse bands, his interest in hip-hop beats, synthetics sounds and dirty samples grew He decided to pursue a new direction which culminated in the creation of The Aidos Project.  Some of Raoul’s musical references for the Aidos Project and his first release Dans une apologie beate du show business generalize include: Boards of Canada, Amon Tobin, dj Shadow, Sixtwo, and Del Wire. Aidos is something and someone to listen out for. He is the beginning of a cool and sublime adventure and he continues this journey with his latest release “Beat Box Samuraï”.

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