Pencilbrain – Follow Me

6th track from “Diverted Witness”, ©2002 Pencilbrain Records Dutch/USA/

Balkan outfit Pencilbrain is formed in 1999. The collective has released their first two singles in 2000. ..Follow Me.. with Sara Jay (Massive Attack) and ..Central Line South.. which one reviewer labeled as ..the ultimate “sound” of urban life… In 2000 they’ve released their debut CD “Diverted Witness” praised for it’s diversity in sounds and styles “Diverted Witness” like the band itself, defied the rules of categorizing and simultaneously appeared on charts as diverse as rock and lounge, alternative and jazz. The reviewers used genre like downtempo, abstract sounds, nu jazz, laid-back soul, funk, lounge, brokenbeat, acid jazz, rock, hip-hop and electronica to describe their sound, one used all of them in a review. At the time they compared Pencilbrain to acts like Leftfield, Massive Attack, Prodigy, Cinematic Orchestra, Portishead, and Radiohead. “Our music has no particle genre or style, It is simply our music, and reflects whatever we are into at the time we make it. ” Z.T.Tosha.

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